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ToolSentry is the world-class tool management solution that tracks tools, equipment, and consumables. ToolSentry is easy to use and provides the functionality that other tool tracking programs lack.ToolSentry can use either PDAs or PCs to scan bar codes and assign items to a job, location, and employee thus making on site and remote warehouse scanning easy and effective. And ToolSentry is cost effective since there is no per client licensing.


  • Track consumables, tools, and equipment so you know where your tools are located thus reducing lost tools and expenses.
  • Full reconciliation of ticket transfers allowing you to know exactly where a tool or piece of equipment is assigned, minimizing cost.
  • Complete tool transfer history for better utilization of tools and job costing.
  • Utilizes hand-held or PC attached scanners – So easy to use, all employees can use it.
  • PDA can synchronize with the database through a networked PC, over a wireless LAN, or through the cellular phone network, so you can sync from anywhere. This increases usability and reduces cost.
  • Rugged industrial grade technology available to match your work environment.
  • Client/Server architecture and no additional modules required minimizes your implementation costs.
  • Web interface enables you to view tool assignments from the job site.

What's Included

  • Unlimited Client licenses.
  • 1 Server license.
  • Free software installation and configuration.
  • Equipment location, tool inventory, and many more reports.
  • User manual.

Additional Services Available

  • Import existing inventory data for quick start up and minimum investment.
  • ToolSentry customization – Add additional reports or capabilities to meet your company's unique needs.
  • Integrate with your current construction management and inventory systems.
  • On-site training.
  • Ongoing support.

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