Transportation Revenue and Access Control System - TRACS™



Essential Systems created the Transportation Revenue and Access Control System (TRACS) to provide transparent automatic vehicle identification. Our system uses RFID and other advanced technologies for commercial vehicle monitoring and access, patron parking access, automatic billing, taxi and shuttle staging, and security access.

TRACS is a mature, proven, and complete system. We offer full customization to integrate with your existing systems and provide the functionality that you require.

Benefits of TRACS

  • Speed – Parking patrons pass through gates without stopping to take a ticket or pay their fee. Entries are automatically recorded and the user's credit card is charged upon exit. A receipt is instantly e-mailed to the patron and the fee can be displayed on an optional fee display.
  • Convenience – Patrons won't be concerned about losing tickets and TRACS lanes move 12 times faster than traditional ticket lanes. Patrons can use their existing Electronic Toll Collection system tags (e.g. EZ-PASS, SUNPASS) after a simple registration. Monthly statements can be emailed to the users or viewed online.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – Customers appreciate TRACS' speed, convenience, and efficiency. No more rolling down the window in a thunderstorm to take a ticket or waiting in long exit lines to pay!
  • Cost Effective – TRACS reduces manpower requirements so that you can cut costs or assign employees to other tasks. TRACS will also mitigate other costs such as: employee theft, cost of tickets, cost of constructing new booths as your patronage grows, and the fees associated with joining State Electronic Toll Collection systems.
  • Faster Return on Investment – TRACS was designed to integrate with your existing processes and work flows, for example ticket and accounting systems. This means lower total cost and less risk.

TRACS Features


  • Browser Based User Interface – The TRACS Control Center Dashboard puts the most important metrics and functions at your finger tips. The dashboard is an AJAX-enabled real time display of your system featuring AVI transactions, lot counts, reader status, license plate lookup, and signage controls. It can be customized to display other important system information such as data from your ticket system. The Control Center includes a fully searchable history.
  • Commercial/Ground – TRACS monitors and invoices commercial vehicles for dwell time and number of trips. It can trigger video recording of violators. It also controls holding lots to reduce roadway congestion.
  • PCI Compliant – TRACS interfaces directly with your credit clearing company (e.g. FirstData, Chase Paymentech) to process commercial usage charges, lease payments, and parking patrons.
  • Clustered – TRACS deploys on a VMWare high availability cluster for ultimate redundancy and scalability.
  • Accounting and Auditing – TRACS is equipped with its own complete accounting and auditing module. It can be integrated with your existing accounting system.
  • Reporting – A full suite of built-in reports are available in TRACS. It can be fully customized to deliver the specific reports that your business requires. Additionally, TRACS can provide reports on all integrated systems.
  • Proactive support – TRACS alerts Essential Systems of potential problems within the system so we can address them proactively.

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